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Robin can be such an insensitive prick.

This is a video of a 40 year old South Korean man that made a really bad decision. He was so angry that he missed the elevator he decided to smash into the doors repeatedly until the doors broke and he fell down the elevator shaft. Apparently he died. Should have just waited for the next one?


This is closed-circuit security footage from inside a restaurant aboard a Pacific Sun cruise ship during rough seas. It looks like fun! Unless you were one of the people being mangled by a bunch of tables and chairs.

Pacific Sun Cruise liner, carrying 1732 passengers and 671 crew, was caught in a severe storm on July 30, 2008, encountering seven-metre swells and 50 knot winds.

Passengers who were aboard the journey were offered a 25 per cent reduction in the cost of a future cruise. Yey! Let’s go again!